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Berlin: Exciting and non-stop. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to enjoy all it has to offer. That was the inspiration for the Property Of… Berlin Series. It’s a collection of adaptable bags that let you live life by the minute. Switch from one direction to another. Do whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it.

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Berlin Series

Functional DesignLots of small pockets & functions

Personalized TagGet a free personalized ID-Tag with your bag

Recycled FabricMade from recycled PET bottles

Quality LeatherDurable high quality leather that lasts

The Charlie 12h Backpack is for when you want to keep things simple. It’s for those times when you don’t want to carry much but still be ready for anything.


  • 27x34x9cm
  • 9 Litres
  • 13" Laptop

The Alex 24h Backpack is all about keeping your options open. It’s much more than your average backpack. Already pretty roomy, it can be rolled out to give you a whole third more capacity.


  • Min 33x42x12cm
    Max 33x61x12cm
  • Min 16 Litres
    Max 24 Litres
  • 15" Laptop

The Karl 48h+ Travel Backpack changes the rules of travel. Versatile and practical, it means you can now pack more but still have that feeling of traveling light. Cabin luggage approved.


  • Min 34x47x18cm
    Max 34x73x18cm
  • Min 28 Litres
    Max 44 Litres
  • 15" Laptop



We have developed a high quality polyester fabric made from PET bottles. This 12 oz recycled fabric has a natural look and feel making it stand out from other recycled textiles. By using PET bottles as a raw material, we’re helping to reduce plastic waste. For instance, twenty 1.0 litre plastic bottles get recycled to produce a single yard of our fabric. By using this waterproof recycled fabric, which is woven as a canvas - strong and thick - without being heavy, we have created bags that can be used for many years so they are a sustainable choice.


When you’re always on the move, the functionality of your luggage matters. For example: Have you ever hauled a trolley over cobblestones in London? Missed a train because you were running with (dragging) a trolley behind you? Wished you could fit an extra jacket or running shoes into your bag instead of carrying them loose? Unpacked your entire backpack to locate liquids or your laptop at airport security? Or just got really frustrated at not having pockets in the right places to organize all your stuff? Well, we have too. And the Berlin Series was created out of these same frustrations. Because when you’re travelling, you want your luggage to be practical, comfortable and easy to organise.

Combining technical brilliance with style
At the same time, it was important to us that the collection doesn’t look too technical. Classic designs, beautiful fabrics (can you believe these bags come from plastic bottles?), high quality leather and brass details give the collection the timeless Property Of… look while still packing the backpacks full of practical features.

Travel and see the world - but do it with ease and style.


The whole idea behind Property Of... is to celebrate the individualism of the people who buy our bags. So each one comes with a free, unique ID Tag which we emboss with the owner’s name or initials. When buying online, customers can simply add their details as part of their order. We then do the embossing at our Amsterdam store.

Lost & Found Service
Increase the chance of having your lost bag returned to you by registering for our Lost & Found Service. Also Property Of... bags contain a unique code under the ID-tag. If lost, instructions inside the bag direct the finder to Using the code, we will identify your bag, contact you and deliver it back to your home for free.


We believe in ethical production and trading with all our business partners. Our goal is to have long lasting relationships with them all and we have been working with our small factory, which works exclusively for Property Of…, in Shenzhen China for over eight years. Working for such a long time with the same factory builds trust and ensures a high quality standard. Although China was once seen as a country using low cost labor to produce cheap and bad quality products, the situation has changed drastically over that last 15 years. Today China is a high quality production country with a skilled labor force and modern production machinery. We visit our factory twice a year to discuss new developments and to review the production process.