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Rollerball Pen Classic Brass


The Rollerball Pen from Ystudio provides Taiwanese design of which its simplicity magnifies its effects. The rollerball pen stands out for its exquisite materials, but even more for its functionality. It is heavy enough to provide a stable grip, yet balanced enough to provide smooth, clean lines and writing. Its quality and durability make this pen a lifetime investment for all your ideas, in the present as well as in the future.

  • Materials: Brass & Copper
  • Specs: 9.7 X 11 X 130 mm
  • Refills: e.g. SCHMIDT Safety Ceramic Roller 5888 F
Rollerball vs. Ballpoint:

Ballpoint pen dry instantly on paper, but can feel “scratchy” to use and produce a thin and less vivid line when writing. Rollerballs, due to the excess amount of ink it produces, is much smoother on paper, but it can smudge since there is more ink on the paper. 

One small downside of ballpoint pens is that they tend to take a bit more effort to write with, but that’s where a rollerball absolutely shines. So if you find that your hand is aching after writing for a while, a rollerball might be the perfect pen for you. 

Use & Care
The brass will oxidize after some time. One may choose to keep it that way and cherish the user’s tracks as a sign of its intensive usage or re-polish the pen with copper/brass oil until it regains its original shine.


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