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Personal Favorites

Personal Favorites

Next to our own designs available in this web-store we also offer a fine selection of personal favourites in our Amsterdam & Hamburg store. Here we ould like to give an overview of the current selection.

These are all items that our global friends have taken the time to point out to us. Items ranging from shades to stationery, everything you'll be able to carry in your own Property Of... bag.

This selection is ever-changing and reflects what we are currently excited about. All the items in this section are exclusively available in our Amsterdam & Hamburg store.


Natural style
Plantwear watches are handcrafted in Europe from natural raw materials. These unique, wooden art pieces are a great add to daily outfit.

Origin: Poland

owner: david f. / job: lawyer / city: hamburg

Daniel Wellington

The Gentleman Watch
With its thin design and NATO straps that originate from the British navy, Daniel Wellington has a classic and unique style.

Origin: Sweden

owner: maral b. / job: artist / city: paris


Sportive & chic
The 2013 launched Briston is special for its original cambered square and intricate details. Using various raw materials and colors, Briston creates a look that is both classic and timeless.

Origin: France

owner: stepahn m. / job: chef / city: spain


History is now
In the 17th Century, Fromanteel was a famous clockmaker family based in Amsterdam. The brand was re-established in 2009 and now lives on as a maker of fine crafted men’s watches.

Origin: Amsterdam

owner: andrew p. / job: broker / city: amsterdam


Individual and different
MMT specialises in pocket watches, blending quality watchmaking and poetic storytelling. All the watches are housed in solid, unique wooden shells, making each piece different.

Origin: Hong Kong

owner: jack d. / job: historian / city: london


Renard offers an elegant, analogue timepiece in the style of the 60’s and 70’s. A must-have for a graceful, wild and alluring creature like a renard (French for fox).

Origin: The Netherlands

owner: blair j. / job: stylist / city: new york

Uniform Wares

Distinction and character
Uniform Wares creates watches that embody character and distinction. Each watch has a Swiss timepiece and is developed entirely in London, from sketch to final design.

Origin: UK

owner: sander u. / job: student / city: berlin


Building quality and design
This American brand has its origins in the year of 1854, making Timex on of the oldest watchmakers. Fit for optimistic and active watch enthusiast who appreciates authenticity.

Origin: USA

owner: nina g. / job: graphic designer / city: lausanne


Innovative and detailed
Tsovet represents the freedom of travel and exploration. They create innovative ways to engineer, develop and build better premium watches.

Origin: California, USA

owner: john h. / job: bartender / city: moscow


Contemporary design
Triwa mixes Swedish contemporary design together with classic silhouettes on their watches, keeping one eye on fashion and one on design.

Origin: Sweden

owner: dan t. / job: photographer / city: amsterdam


*All brands on this page are available in our Amsterdam & Hamburg store.


Handcrafted simplicity
Handcrafted sunglasses, Scandinavian simplicity and stylish designs. These are the ingredients that make Monokel the perfect add for any outfit.

Origin: Sweden

owner: hamdon w. / job: musician / city: glasgow


Steve McQueen by Persol
Persol’s Steve McQueen edition is filled with personality, rebellious spirit and inborn charisma. This foldable model became an iconic accessory of the ‘King of cool’ and was often featured in his movies.

Origin: Italy

owner: david f. / job: real estate / city: zurich


*All brands on this page are available in our Amsterdam & Hamburg store.

Y Studio

Memories and the modern life
Ystudio explores vanishing culture, linking past memories and modern life. The use of natural materials allows each product to change according to usage and your handwriting.

Origin: Taiwan

owner: vince r. / job: editor / city: willemstad

MIDORI Brass Products

Creativity & Sophistication
Midori offers creative stationery with sophisticated designs. They combine both beauty and functionality by paying special attention to details and materials used.

Origin: Japan

owner: owen s. / job: sneaker fanatic / city: newyork

Traveler’s Notebook (Midori)

The world is yours
Midori combines beauty and functionality creating sophisticated designs. The notebook is ready to be tailored to your personal needs, by using different calendar and paper options. Pure joy!

Origin: Japan

owner: mahra b. / job: designer / city: amsterdam


Tradition and innovation
This 132-years old pen manufacturer focuses on the fine line between tradition and innovation. The Kaweco pens have unique octagonal shape and make writing smooth as silk.

Origin: Germany

owner: johan h. / job: journalist / city: hamburg

Rite in the Rain

From weather to weather
From weather to wherever. Thanks to a special water resistant coating, Rite in the Rain enables you to write even in a downpour. Convenient isn’t it?

Origin: USA

owner: mark t. / job: hiking guide / city: ottawa


*All brands on this page are available in our Amsterdam & Hamburg store.


Fresh insight
Working closely with local bloggers, journalists, and photographers, 38 hours magazine presents cities from a new perspective. Fresh and exciting! 

Origin: German

owner: roosa s. / job: sales assistant / city: helsinki


Original, beautiful & easy-to-use
With one clear, easy-to-read map finding city treasures is a breeze. Red Maps provides you with the right shops, hotels, and cultural places and makes getting around as easy as 1-2-3.

Origin: NewYork

owner: gabriel t. / job: promoter / city: sydney


Hot-spots & Design
CITIx60 is a handpicked list of hot spots that illustrate the spirit of the world’s most exhilarating design hubs. Inspirational guide for a one-day stopover or a longer trip!

Origin: Hong Kong

owner: cecilia t. / job: creative / city: tel aviv

Weird Guide

New ways & little-known aspects
Weird Guide is a sample of the best that Amsterdam has to offer – little-known aspects of the city you shouldn’t miss while visiting, and a new way of looking at a city you may think you know.

Origin: The Netherlands

owner: carla f. / job: actress / city: paris

Property Of... City Guide

Best of the best!
A handmade Amsterdam City Guide consisting of our personal favorite places, all of them definite must-visits.

Origin: Amsterdam

owner: hendrik s. / job: brand manager / city: amsterdam


*All brands on this page are available in our Amsterdam & Hamburg store.

Otter Wax

Green & Effective
All Otter Wax products are environmental friendly. The brand’s mission is to create products that are pure, honest and still do the trick. Prepared with care, every bit is handmade to guarantee best quality for you!

Origin: United States

owner: melvin o. / job: manager / city: amsterdam

Lucetta Lights

Magnetic bike lights
Made up of two small magnetic lights, the Lucetta is the new and stylish essential for your bike. Easy to attach in any bike to accompany you on the night streets of Amsterdam.

Origin: Italy

owner: matthew p. / job: coach / city: new orleans


Timeless elastic design
BILLYBELT was born by two brothers with a passion for creating. These fashion accessories lovers designed a belt that is easy to adjust and easy to carry, while being timeless in design.

Origin: France

owner: ivan k. / job: architect / city: milan


It all makes senz
After too many broken umbrellas, a young design student had had enough. He designed the ultimate umbrella and so Senz° was born. This aerodynamic creation can withstand any weather, even storm winds of up to 100km/h!

Origin: The Netherlands

owner: lea f. / job: trasnlator / city: berlin


*All brands on this page are available in our Amsterdam & Hamburg store.