Lost & Found

Let's make your bag truely unique

The name Property Of... is a reference to the owner of the bag. Therefore, we created a special ID Tag, which we are able to emboss with your name or initials.

I want to order an ID-Tag for my new bag:
All Property Of... bags come with our unique ID Tag, which is always included for free when ordering a new one. Please fill out the form and indicate your name or initials on the right. We will then emboss them in our Amsterdam Store and send it over to you.

1. Fill out the form.
2. Confirm your email address.

How to Register your item

Every Property Of… bag is unique thanks to the personalized ID-tag with the owner’s name or initials embossed onto it. If you lose yours and you are registered with our Lost & Found Service, there’s a good chance that whoever finds your bag will be able to return it to you.

1. Fill out the form on this webpage with your name, contact and tag details
2. Submit the form
3. Confirm your email address

That’s it. You’re covered!

We will do our best to find your item

If you are reading this, it probably means you have lost your bag. That's unfortunate. But hopefully we can help:

1. Fill in the online form with the details requested
2. In the Comment section, please include additional information like whether you lost your bag in your home town or while traveling
4. Submit the form
5. Confirm receipt of our confirmation email

Thank you for letting us know

Great you are here! It means you have found a Property Of.. bag or something with a Property Of… label on it. It also means that you want to return the item to its owner which is going to make that person very happy. Thank you!

Here’s what to do next:
1. Take out the ID-tag
2. Enter the name (or initials) from the tag
3. Enter the unique code (code is on the back of the tag)
4. Tell us in the Comments section if there is anything else we need to know


I found a bag (keys)

Great! Please fill out the form below (* is required field)

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Personal ID-Tag

The name Property Of... is inspired by the desire to feature the unique identity of every person that carries our bags. Each ID-Tag is embossed by hand in our Amsterdam store. The ID-tag is also your key to our Lost & Found service which yu can sign up to once you received the tag by post.


Extended warranty

When you sign up for the Lost & Found Service, you don’t just increase the chances of finding your bag if it gets lost but we will also extend your warranty to three years. That means you’re covered if anything goes wrong with your bag during that period.

We want to do all we can to make sure you have a bag you can use for a very long time!

Note, however, that the warranty does not cover damage caused by general wear & tear. For advice on everyday care and repair, please contact us.